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Author Context Software
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Date Added Jun 14, 2010
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Context Database Extensions Suite provides following additional functionality:

  • Persistent Database Schema. Database Schema contains the description of tables, relations between them as well as triggers and sql statements that could be used to update a database to the version required by the current version of application. Database Schema may be stored within application or in the database (System tables) or as an external file.

  • RI Constraints. Relations between tables, defined within database schema, allows to implement various types of referential integrity (RI) constrains (Error, Cascade and Nullify for delete & update operations). Please, note, that processing of RI constraints might sometimes considerably slow down some delete and update operations.

  • Replications. All changes made to records can be automatically written into a separate table ('Objects' tables) and used for database replications. TxxDatabaseExt provides methods, that could be used to create & synchronize snapshots with the main database.

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