• Complex feature set
  • Systems modeling
  • Multiple uses


  • Quirky interface
  • Bugs
  • Poor documentation

At A Glance

Axon Idea Processor is a complex product with many potential uses and some frustrating flaws. Though versatile and potentially powerful, its steep learning curve and many bugs require more patience than someone buying a time-saving product is likely to have.

Manufacturer’s Description

A 3-D idea visualization tool developed in Prolog - an AI language. Axon operates according to cognitive principles, supports both hierarchical and network architectures, and is object-based. Axon exploits visual attributes such as color, shape, size, and depth. Main features are: Large, multi-level Workspace - The Axon workspace is 3-D, allowing more information to be visible, and more complex models to be built. The workspace is scallable, and an Overview Window helps to show the big picture. Axon Objects - An Axon Object represents an Idea. Axon Objects have a large number of attributes designed for idea processing. Clicking on an Object result in an Action associated with the Object. Links and Labels - Relations between Objects are represented by Links. A Link can have a short Label near its middle to describe the relations. Links are also used to form Clusters and to specify method of computation. Clustering and Sequencing - Objects and Links can be organized into Trees and Branches. Objects can also be sequenced based on various rules. Checklists and Questions - The Checklist System is a tool for prompting. There is a library of over 70 useful checklists related to idea processing. The Question Tool contains a list of generic questions to overcome mental block. The Analyzer and Generator - The Analyzer is a tool for analyzing the contents within text Objects. For example, you can analyze sentence and word structures. The Generator can combine ideas to form new ideas, and to expand a concept into its detailed elements. Hypertext - Clicking on an Object can open a Hypertext Window. Hypertext links can also contain clickable Actions. Open Architecture - Axon files are in plain texts with published formats. Thus it would be easy to interface Axon files with other applications. Export to HTML and XML is also available. Fast Operation - Axon files are highly compact and loads quickly. The user interface is also designed for fast operation.

Manufacturer’s Website

Axon Research