Current Version 1.0
Price $30.00
License Type Shareware
Date Added Jun 14, 2010
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
File Size 0.65 MB
Description InfoSpace Drive is a document management tool on Windows XP (sp2) systems and .Net framework 3.0. In order to allow PC users to manage, locate and organize any documents, It further extends the shortcut link functionality, and presents them in a virtual file system, which is highly accessible and seamlessly integrated with the Windows shell system. InfoSpace Drive improves working performance, and simplifies routine desktop tasks. The key features of InfoSpace Drive 1.0 are: Full integration. Unlike other document management tools, InfoSpace Drive is fully integrated into the Windows Shell (that is, Desktop and the Windows file explorer). A virtual file system, InfoSpace, is embedded into the WIndows shell namespace, which acts like a real hard drive for the user view. Two-way data transfer. Unlike other document management tools, InfoSpace Drive supports both incoming operations, transferring documents into InfoSpace Drive, and outgoing operations, transferring documents in the organized manner outside InfoSpace Drive. Both ways are virtually the same from the user point of view. Location Independency. A logical structure of documents for management is created by the user, which is independent of the physical location of the managed documents. Physical moving and renaming of documents outside of InfoSpace are automatically traced. On the other hand, operations inside InfoSpace such as renaming or deleting will leave the managed documents untouched. Seamless Management. Data accessing methods, such as drag-and-drop, clipboard (copy/paste) operations, execution, outgoing network data transfer, etc., are fully supported.

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