Manufacturer’s Description

Remember when your initials dominated the high score board? Take a trip back to the arcade with Retro Arcade Classics. Packed with 8 modern remakes of your arcade favorites, the game play's familiar, but now the action's faster, the enemies are tougher and the games are more addicting than ever! Laser Commmand Protect your city and your robots from the air invasion! Take command of your missile launching turrets to unleash the alien-destroying lasers. Bounce 'n' Break How long can you survive? Blast your way through the massive wall of bricks to break out to the next level. Hopper Hop past, over and through perilous obstacles to reach the other side. But watch out, one wrong jump and you'll pay the ultimate price. Bubble Puzzle Ready, aim, fire! Get your bubble gun ready - align bubbles of the same color, then blast them to clear the board. Gobbler How fast can you munch, man? Travel the maze gobbling up all of the pills along the way. But watch out for meddling ghosts'when they get you, it's GAME OVER! Roids Blast your way through outer space in the midst of interstellar battles! Fire wildly at ship-smashing asteroids or be vaporized upon impact. And More!