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MediaZip is a Windows program that performs lossless compression/decompression and manages archives of media files (Sound and Picture). MediaZip processes all kinds of media files independently of their specific format. It processes sound files (WAVE, AIFF), still picture files (BMP, TIFF, PCX) and movie files (AVI). You can even include in MediaZip archives other types of files like text files but the compression efficiency on those types of files is low, because the compression algorithm in MediaZip was designed specifically for media file processing. Here is a list of the program's main features: - High compression ratios. Values over 70% are not uncommon. This means that a 100 Mb file would take just 30Mb when compressed. - Creation of archives containing any number of files. There is no practical limit to the size of an archive (except the size of your hard-disk). - Works in batch mode. After defining the files to be processed, MediaZip can be left unattended, working in the background. - Can split an archive into several files, a useful feature for Usenet posting and for e-mail file interchange. It can also split an archive into several volumes of removable media like floppy disks. - Can control the access to an archive by using an Encryption Key. - Can create self-extracting archives. This feature can even be used with split or encrypted archives. - Can add an entire directory tree to an archive. The tree structure is faithfully reconstructed when the archive is decompressed. - 32-bit CRC control, to detect and prevent file corruption. - Can automatically launch the application associated with a file. - Drag-and-drop operation.

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