Current Version 1.4
Author Reflexive Entertainment, Inc.
Price $20.00
License Type Shareware
Date Added Jun 14, 2010
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
File Size 8.899 MB
Description Ricochet is a classic brick busting game featuring state of the art graphics and incredible game play. It's a winning combination that your WHOLE family will enjoy. At only 7.3 megs, the download takes less than 17 minutes on a 56k modem. Keep the ball in the air until all the bricks are destroyed. How to play:Move your ship to the left and right to do this - that's it! The object of Ricochet is simple - get the highest possible score. There are four ways to add to your score. They are: 1)Break Bricks - Each brick you break will add a different number of points to your total. In general, the harder the brick is to break, the more points it will add to your score. 2)Get a Powerup - each powerup you pick up will also increase your score. As you'll read in the powerup descriptions, they do other nice things for you as well that can have the effect of really cranking up your score. 3)Destroy a Bomb - When you can manage to direct your ion sphere to intersect the path of a bomb, the bomb is destroyed and you are awarded a point bonus. 4)End a level - Each time you end the level, you will receive a completion bonus, and a bonus for every ball you manage to keep in play.The more powerful your ball is, the higher your bonus will be!

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