Current Version 1.0
Author Reflexive Entertainment, Inc.
Price $20.00
License Type Shareware
Date Added Jun 14, 2010
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
File Size 9.699 MB
Description Swarm is a fast-paced, intense game of destruction that immerses you in the world of futuristic corporate servitude. Your name is Rawl Masteson, and your choice was simple...death or indentured service to society. ZD Net gave Swarm its highest 5 Star Rating! Download the Demo and experience it for yourself! Swarm Features VERY playable with the mouse or a joystick. Native Windows application utilizing Microsoft's Direct X Technology. Real time anti-aliasing smoothes edges across background images dramatically increasing the detail in the art. Voice overs throughout the game help you along and build the background story. High-resolution (800 X 600) fully rendered color graphics. Translucent colors soften special effects like explosions and laser blasts. Over 100 separate, tailor-made levels provide hours and hours of play. Over 100 different, custom-made levels that increase the action as you advance. Swarmer Missiles, Electro-Mines, and more - including a "Star Clubber" ball-and-chain attachment you HAVE to see!! The enemies have personalities - Mean ones - Trust'll want to kill 'em. There's also 4 skill levels to choose from: Easy, Normal, Hard, and INSANE !! More fun than a box of rocks!

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