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Description Why wait? Start losing weight today The most comprehensive and powerful food and exercise diary available for handheld devices MobiSystems. Diets is specially designed to facilitate your dieting and life-style needs on the go. Do you need to lose weight, get in shape, or simply watch what you eat? MobiSystems Diets enables you to set up a weight loss program and begin the journey towards the body you want. Body shaping requires diet and exercise. With MobiSystems. Diets you can easily get and stay on track: Personalized weight loss program setting Daily meals recording Fitness program and daily activity tracking Calorie and fats input monitoring Carbohydrates and proteins tracking Predefined database of over 4,500 food items maintained in 48 categories Will Help You to Get and Stay on Track Set Personal Profile Input your personal information - height, weight, age, and gender. MobiSystems Diet will automatically calculate the calories you burn during the day. Establish a Weight Loss Goal Set a weight loss or gain goal by specifying aimed weight and target date. Now you are ready to start monitoring your progress with charts and graphs. Keep Track of Your Meals Record everything you eat. With MobiSystems Diet you will always know where you stand and have nutritional information of the foods you have eaten for the day according to the set weight loss program. Record Daily Sports and Activities Track your exercise by selecting an activity from a large exercise database. Input the minutes spent exercising and the software will automatically calculate the calories you burned and update your daily diet schedule accordingly. Extensive Food Database The huge food library of 4,500+ food items is organized in 48 categories, including fast food and national cuisine. Configurable foods database - you can add, delete, or modify the food items and their nutritional contents -calories, carbohydrates, saturated fats and proteins. Monitor Your Progress Make regular check-ins to track your weight. Input body measurements and watch your body shape improve as you reach your weight loss goals. You will love our graph feature.

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