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Description Every feature in The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II has been expanded, from a new single player campaign to new units for each of the original games six factions. Explore a never-before-seen period of Middle-earth history. Witness the Witch-king's rise to power and Angmar's invasion of the great kingdom of Arnor - a story only glimpsed at in the books and never visualized in the movies. Innovative new units bring a higher level of strategy to the battlefield. Scout the enemy, assess the situation, then use the Thrall Master to summon entire hordes to fight your foes, or enlist the Sorcerer to cast devastating spells using the souls of his acolytes as currency. Adapt your strategies to face challenging new campaign missions, featuring Control Point, Competition, king of the Hill, and Hold Out mission types. The innovative hero creation tool reaches a new level of depth and strategy with the Create-A-Hero Cost system and new hero assets. Play an enhanced and expanded War of the Ring mode, including new army persistencethe units you build up in Battle Phase skirmishes carry over onto the Living World map, allowing you to deploy them to other territories across Middle-earth.

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