Manufacturer’s Description

FIFA Soccer 10 Wii is an over-the-top, non-stop soccer game that is designed exclusively for the platform. A polished gameplay experience that emphasizes action, approachability and responsiveness has been created that contains various key gameplay improvements and innovations. Shooting has been refined for improved shot power, accuracy and the ability to score from a greater range of distances and angles. Passing has been refined for faster and more accurate execution, while improved pass targeting and AI logic will create more open spaces and generate greater scoring opportunities. Goalkeepers will be more responsive when positioning themselves for a save, while still allowing for juicy rebounds adding to the non-stop soccer theme. The defending AI has also been reworked to allow for more urgency in the 18 yard box, meaning more block attempts and better player positioning to provide better team defensive coverage. When packaged together these gameplay improvements will keep the action fast and furious on the field. Action Packed Gameplay. Non-stop, action packed soccer is the result of the completely redesigned game engine created specifically for the Nintendo Wii. Enhancements to all the fundamentals of gameplay including shooting, passing, offensive & defensive positioning & awareness, as well as increased game speed have created a frenetic, exciting, unique soccer experience. Enhanced Goalkeeper AI. Goalkeepers AI have been improved to make them more responsive when positioning themselves for a save, while still allowing for juicy rebounds adding to the non-stop soccer theme. Strike it System set pieces. The new set piece system will utilize the Wii Remote, creating tense head to head battles on penalties, free-kicks and corners. Each player must time the shaking of their Wii Remote perfectly in order to either score or defend free-kicks, penalties and corners adding to the excitement. All New Art Style and Feel. Coupled with a new gameplay engine are the new animations and art specifically designed for the Wii. Player models have been built from the ground up to reflect the Wii centric theme. Stadiums have been designed to compliment these new animation changes as well. Contextual animations and special effects will enhance the gaming experience with dynamic sounds and graphics aligning with the over-the-top soccer experience. Enhanced Social Experience. Social play is a key to the FIFA Soccer 10 Wii experience. Compete against friends and family in multi-game series that will track stats, create storylines for the matches and create a sense of competitiveness and rivalry in an easy to understand format. 2v2 Online Play. Online gaming has also been enhanced allowing you to play with a friend against two other gamers online proving that teamwork and cooperation will prove essential to succeeding in the online arena. Compete to reach the top of the International Leaderboard.