Manufacturer’s Description

If you want any of the following, you have arrived at the right place: I want to download a friendly Excel file where I can keep a running total of my bank balance without having to go online. Differentiate my transactions into categories and keep running monthly totals of all my income and expenditures separated and totaled within each category. Maintain escrow accounts so that I can park money earmarked for future expenses, taxes, insurances etc. Separate my savings and investment accounts into a special place so that I can keep a running check on all my other financial accounts. Keep track of my monthly credits (deposits). Create monthly budgets for each expenditure and credit category to see how I manage compared to my monthly budgets. Help me control budget variance differences as new transactions enter my records. Maintain detailed records in Excel so that I can look back to previous months and years and create budgets based on historical actual. I dont want to have to buy new software to manage my money every year. I just want to set up a new Excel file to prepare my finances each new year. I want to investigate registering as an affiliate to sell this Excel file myself using Twitter short links and earn 75% commissions. I can get directions in the Welcome page after downloading (or from the CD version). Suitable for PCs and Apple Mac and all versions of Excel.