Price $30.00
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Date Added Jul 28, 2011
Description X-plosive JigSaw Puzzles Pro allows you to cut any JPEG image (even your own image) into a realistic jigsaw puzzle that you can later reassemble. You can choose from 400 beautiful jigsaw puzzles available online and 54 piece cutting styles, with more or less chaos when generating them. Just look at the screenshoths by clicking the puzzle pieces to the right. This game has everything a complete jigsaw puzzle game should have: a small picture of the jigsaw puzzle, a real-size ghost (transparent) image, a usefull loupe, a scattering tool for jigsaw pieces, an arranging tool, sorting windows to place the jigsaw pieces there (altrough you'll hardly need them), three-state pins that even stick themselves when you place the piece on the ghost and even a cheating tool. Most of the tools were present in other games too, but they were rarely of any use. In our game we changed that. For example the pins right now are extremely helpfull and you hace enough place to play 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzles!

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