Author Arbor Bits
Price $15.00
License Type Buy Only
Date Added Jul 28, 2011
Operating Systems
  • Macintosh OS X
Description iCamShare is your web cam companion! Use it to easily make videos or take snapshots that you can share in many ways. All you need is a webcam, such as Apple's iSight, Mac OS X, and iCamShare.The step-by-step interface easily guides you through the process of capturing and sharing videos and pictures. No need to read a manual!Now you can use your webcam for more than just iChat AV. Use it with your family and friends, even if they don't have a web cam, broadband, or even a Mac!Share your videos and pictures in an e-mail, on your .Mac HomePage, or save it on your computer to use any way you want. Drag and drop pictures into many other applications.Can digitally zoom iSight up to 300%Video e-mails can play on most Macintosh and Windows computersRecipient does not need a webcamVideos can be easily compressed, as much as 500x compression, so that they can be sent and received faster You will receive an email receipt with a serial number you can enter into a downloaded copy of the software, marking it as licensed. Note: prices do not include sales tax or VAT.

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