Author Cellica Corporation
Price $20.00
License Type Buy Only
Date Added Jan 24, 2011
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows CE
Description After the tremendous user response for PalmBFL on Plam OS, we are presenting PockeBFL. Never before features simplify your planning and workout activities. PocketBFL provide calendars for planning exercise and taking body measurements. You can easily copy paste your planning and measurements to other days via these calendars. You can also attach photograph to any measurement day you want. Food Planner allows multiple food entry for single interval. Planned food intervals are shown in Pocket PC buit-in today screen with alarms. Manage your exercise plans with calendar. Manage your body easurements with calendar.View Chart based on measurements. In-Gym feature helps you when you are actually performing you upper body, lower body or aerobics exercises planned for day.

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