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Description Have fun keeping track of the books you have read and share them with others. Books I've Read is a fun, easy to use program that encourages reading. According to 'Census at School', a study performed in Canada, readers have broader and more diversified interests than non readers do. Imagination and creativity seem to be directly related to the number and types of books that children and adults read. Avid readers tend to have greater desires for higher education. Other results from the study suggested that readers are more helpful at home and perform better at school. (See The National Endowment for the Arts released a study in which three key findings were discussed: Americans are reading less, Americans are reading less well, and The declines in reading have civic, social, and economic implications. (See In a study, To Read or Not to Read, great benefits have been shown for those who read - and alarming consequences have been uncovered for those who do not read - or read less often. Benefits for readers include higher academic achievements, better paying jobs, more rounded, rewarding, and interesting lives. (See Improve your own reading habits and the reading habits of those around you with the help of Books I've Read.

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