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Author inUse AB
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Description Rated 4,5 of 5 at - "It’s simplicity at its finest."

”I have tried a gazillion different task managers and list applications, but really, the only stuff that gets done is what I have in my e-mail inbox. That is my REAL to-do list!”

”The challenge is finding a simple way to get stuff into my inbox. Using the ordinary iPhone eMail app is just too much hassle...”

MailMe is the quickest way to get all those things that you need to remember from your iPhone into your e-mail inbox.

MailMe sports an optimized user interface where all unnecessary taps have been eliminated, so that you can keep you focus on the idea, note or task that you want to capture.

Just start the application. Enter the text, and click send. Done!

The note now appears in your eMail inbox as an e-mail sent from "MailMe".

Once there you can use whatever system or tactic you want to structure these notes.

Since the messages are sent from "MailMe" you can create rules in your e-mail application to e.g. highlight them, or automatically move the MailMe messages to a specific mailbox.

--- Note! SMTP settings can be tricky. MailMe works best if you use the SMTP provided by your mobile network operator, but it has also been tested with gMail and MobileMe. If you don't use gMail or MobileMe, make sure you have your SMTP settings before buying MailMe. ---

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