Manufacturer’s Description

There are thousands of Jigsaw Puzzles out there. Sure, your kids know this. But, they know better! These Jigsaw puzzles are something to be proud of when done. They come in a range of exciting, colorful and stunning images! Features: 1) Turn pieces with a click of a mouse. 2) Enlarge the pieces. 3) Move one piece at a time or move connected pieces as if they're one piece. 4) The built-in sound system will give a loud clicking sound to let your child know that they've connected the right pieces together. 5) And, there is so many more features! Best Feature: If you have to get up and go, you can simply save your jigsaw puzzle work. Come back at another time and continue where you left off. Just like the real thing! It comes with 50 (9-piece) puzzles for your child to piece together. For ages 6 and up! Download it and try it for Free. Jigsaw Puzzler 9 is currently in use at many educational institutions throughout NYC.