Current Version 1.5 022011
Author Aleksey Tikhonov
Price $10.00
License Type Trial
Date Added Feb 22, 2011
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7
Description BlockProgram Assignment and application: The main purpose of the BlockProgram is unacceptable content blocking in different Windows applications. For example, the BlockProgram is used for childs computer protection from dirty (indecent) content sites while parents are away.(Parental control). The program also can be useful for adult users and for those who doesnt want to see foul language in their computers. The BlockProgram distinguishes and blocks the text containing unprintable vocabulary and foul language. The BlockProgram can be used for applications access prohibition to any Internet servers and sites. The main purpose of the BlockProgram is filtration and blocking of indecent sites, forbidden graphics and video, gambling and uncensored text. The BlockProgram algorithm has the following sequence: the text recognition, unacceptable keywords identification and suitable solution acceptance for text, graphics, video and WEB sites blocking. The unacceptable content pertain: 1. Pornography (see section "anti-porn"); 2. Dirty language (see section "against dirty language"); 3. Gambling (see section "against gambling"); 4. Certain Web-sites and servers(see section "How to block a Web-site"). The concept of blocking means: 1. Replacement of the key words and expressions of unacceptable content shown on the screen by symbols "..." (dots); 2. Process communications suspense (pictures can not be downloaded in web-browser, videofiles can not be played in mediaplayers); 3. Prohibition of access to the certain Web-sites. Program operating particularities: 1. High-speed recognition of the text with the unacceptable content; 2. High-qualitative dictionaries of key-words; 3. Automatic launch of program at Windows start; 4. Hidden of all users operation on the computer; 5. Review of the Internet connections statistics; 6. Review of the screenshots made when blocking. System requirements: OS: Windows XP (ver 1.4), Vista (ver 1.3), Windows 7 (ver 1.3); Platforms: x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit).

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