Author Dash Technologies
Price $30.00
License Type Trial
Date Added Jul 28, 2011
Description The Image Blocker (imgblock) is an IIS ISAPI Filter DLL that prevents other sites from hyperlinking directly to your graphics. The Internet allows any site to hyperlink to any resource on any other site. When another site links to graphics on your site, you are paying for the bandwidth to deliver the graphic to the other site. There is no benefit to you as the original site owner. This product gives you theability to limit other sites from linking directly to your graphical resources. It does not prevent them from linking directly to your web pages which is generally what you want.Situations where this is useful:You provide web site space to your customers and you do not want your server to host pictures for a high-traffic auction site.You maintain a site that hosts original graphics and you want to limit the ability for other sites to link directly to your graphics.You want to help minimize your bandwidth costs.You want to limit the risk of your site becoming a host for warez and/or music files.When you install this product and another site attempts to link to your graphic resources, they will receive a Page Not Found (404) error. However, the resource will appear correctlyon your own web pages.Note that this product blocks resources based on file extensions, so you are free to block movies, pictures, stylesheets, scripts or anything else you desire to block.

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