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Description Noryoku shiken kanji (Level 3) English Edition The Kanji Learning Program "Noryoku shiken kanji" provides efficient kanji learning method which designed to address three of the biggest problems when learning single kanji: 1.memorizing strokes, 2.memorizing radicals of the kanji 3.reading and listening of the kanji. The soft consist of four parts: Noryoku shiken kanj level 4, Noryoku shiken kanj level 3, Noryoku shiken kanj level 2, Noryoku shiken kanj level 1. Each part include kanji for take examination on Japanese Language Proficience Test (JLPT, Nihongo Noryoku Shiken) Each kanji has strokes animation. You will easily learn kanji with "Noryoku shiken kanji" flashcards enhanced with handwriting facilities. You see kanji image, listen on'yomi, and kun'yomi readings, meaning and pronunciation. These improvements make learning interactive and so the most efficient, relatively to other programs where you just able to read. You will remember kanji writing, meaning, readings and radicals. Writing kanji a lot is the best way to learn them. "Noryoku shiken kanji" offers you writing kanji. Handwriting is a main technique of learning kanji. You will quickly understand and master rules of writing the characters. A Japanese character may have several pronunciations, which are typically categorized as either on'yomi or kun'yomi (often abbreviated on and kun). The on'yomi of a kanji (also called its Chinese reading) is based on the Japanese approximation of the original Chinese pronunciation of the character at the time it was introduced. The kun'yomi of a kanji (also called its Japanese reading, or its native reading) is a reading based on the pronunciation of a native Japanese word, that closely approximated the meaning of the Chinese character when it was introduced. "Noryoku shiken kanji" pays your attention on both kanji readings while learning kanji strokes. Learning kanji with "Noryoku kanji" is a great fun, not just a boring drilling like other programs do. Japanese people like writing characters, making them more and more beautiful. There are even competitions in calligraphy. ????????? Noryoku shiken kanji ????????????? ??? ???????? ? ?????????? ???????? ??????????.

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