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Description +++ Chosen by Apple as iPad App Of The Week in more than 60 countries +++ ★★★★★ A Top Free News App in the US (#3), UK (#1), Canada (#2), France (#1) and 75 other countries ★★★★★ Hitpad is the easiest and quickest way to see what's going on today. Five minutes with Hitpad is like spending an hour browsing around. • App Store Rating - ★★★★ • Featured in over 90 App Stores Here's what others are saying: Reviews: ------- • Gizmodo: "Hitpad is your explainer for all things going on in the world, or well all things going on in the world according to the Internet. It is a really fun and engaging way to keep up with what's going on." • This Week In iPad: "A great colorful interface. A really, nice simple app interface that allows you to get content about whatever subject you are interested in all in one space, easy to move around." • TechCrunch: "Get a visual hit of news with Hitpad for the iPad" • TheNextWeb: "An intelligent iPad app for getting the latest news, personalized to your tastes, quickly and with minimal effort." • TUAW: "Hitpad is an interesting take on news discovery. "(The Unofficial Apple Weblog) • AppAdvice: "In the world of newsreader apps, you have to be clever and creative in order to stand out and make it to the top of the lists. Hitpad may be on its way to doing just that." • Tipb: "A fast, fluid way to get your high-density news fix on iPad." • Mobiputing: "For those who have a ‘need to know’ addiction or are just plain news-junkies, you will find this free app to be simple, intuitive and very convenient" Tweets: ------ • "I'd been looking for a gr8 way to see more about what's trending now i.e. pics, links, stories, so we've invested in Hitpad", Bill Gross, Founder & CEO of Idealab (@bill_gross) • "Thanks for the UK News section. Great iPad App", @MrHodg • "It's great! Trawls a tonne of sources I'd never think of reading.", @grantsteele • "Hitpad for iPad, the gorgeous interface to trending topics.", @polanri • it's just engaging reading morning trends , news . it's magazine style and a hit., @elvasvj What it does? ----------- Hitpad delivers bite-size information snippets about the most important and worth-knowing topics of the day, highlighting why they are important and may be of interest, so you become current in no time and with very little effort. Hitpad eliminates the need to read many sources and sift through social media streams that are often full with reverb and noise. As you use Hitpad, it learns your interests in order to deliver you the most important information snippets in the areas that you care about. Hitpad Features: ------------- • Discover the topics people talk about, in a range of categories, at any given time in a beautiful and engaging interface. • Get a sweet & short summary highlighting why a topic is important today and may be of interest • Get an aggregated view for any topic that includes news stories, tweets, videos, images and web results with rich website previews in one place • Free Search let's you find information about any search term and enjoy the same beautiful, rich, visual interface. • Easily share items of interest on Twitter & Facebook with your followers and friends • Save items for later reading using Instapaper • Email articles to your friends from within the application • Copy an item to the clipboard and paste it into another application • View trending topics and items in both portrait and landscape orientations --- • Send us your feedback at • Follow us on twitter - • Become a fan -