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Splendid natural scenery and carefully staged compositions are sometimes not enough for a great photograph. The final image is often has areas that are too bright or dark. Details once seen by the naked eye are lost in the shadows or blown out in the highlights. HDR Darkroom, revolutionary high dynamic range imaging software can solve this problem by extending the dynamic range possible in a digital image. Details that would otherwise be lost are now visible in your images. It is as simple as taking three bracketed photos: one normal-exposure, one over-exposed and one under-exposed. HDR Darkroom then emulates the range of details the human eye detects by compressing the content of these multiple frames into a single image. The results contain rich details and vivid colors without introducing anomalies such as halos or other blemishes. This is the strength of HDR Darkroom. For those starting out in HDR photography, HDR Darkroom is a perfect fit. With it's easy to use controls so you are on your way to create astonishing HDRs in no time!

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