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Always on the move and finding it hard to find time to send a text or an email? Smail Stencil is an app that will help you send the text or email that you constantly have to send in just a fraction of the time.




"…the app will save you time." (Review by Brian Wolfe on AppAdvice)

"Ultimately I know I am going to be using this app over and over." (Review on appDigity)




- Stylish and polished yet clean interface that exuberates warmth and ease of use.

- Built with business and professional users in mind. Quick and effortless, yet precise to use everyday.

- Categorizes your templates, makes it easier to find that text or email that you need to send for any occasion.

- Email subject titles are automatically inserted when you create templates for the first time.

- Built-in SMS and Mail application, so that you can get everything done within a single app without leaving Smail Stencil.

- Optimized and made to run efficiently even on older iOS devices.

- Compatible for iPhone and iPod touch.