Manufacturer’s Description

Mouse-controlled real-time virtual photographing to turn a picture into vivid movies CommonPhotoStar eLover 4.3 is an exciting virtual photographing tool. By simple mouse move and mouse wheel operations, user could zoom in, zoom out a picture and shift the observation center (x, y) point on the picture in real-time, recording to produce vivid Sightline-Media flash movies. The Sightline-Media flash is a patent-pending technology developed by CommonPhotoStar team. It is different from any other flash slide which has mechanical transition effects defined by templates, this new flash criteria defines a combination of a single picture and its related real-time zooming & panning recorded data. It could in an instant make a static picture moving vividly, zooming and panning in a closed record cycle, smoothly showing various details of a picture. It is useful for graphic entertainment purpose as well as for business presentation purpose. This software also has its special build-in photo album and flash album, which can show very unique photo movies in an user-interactive way. The Sightline-Media flash is compatible with Adobe Flash standard, the software could be set to produce flash embedding codes for putting the flash onto your web pages. You can find Sightline-Media flash examples at