Current Version 1.1
Author Vine Creative
Price Free
Description Do you ever text or email multiple people? Have you ever been frustrated with trying to do this on your iPhone? My Circles lets you organize and communicate with multiple people from your address book at the push of a button enhancing the iPhones texting and emailing abilities. My Circles is the most time-saving communication utility on the iPhone. It is the simplest way to communicate with multiple people on the iPhone and best of all it is not platform specific. Because it uses text and email, there is no special software needed by the recipient, it is universal so you know it will work with everyone in your address book. ***FREE UNTIL AUGUST 1*** Key Features: ● No signup, no fees. (Standard data and messaging rates apply) ● Platform free and Universal! There are no recipient requirements because it uses email and text. ● Add anyone from your contacts into a Circle. ● Convert an Address Book group into a Circle, and then edit or add to it. ● Use it for work or personal needs. ● Email or text your entire circle at the push of a button. ● Add or subtract members of a Circle at anytime. ● Choose the contact preferences for each member in each Circle. (example: You can choose work or personal email depending on the circle.) ● The app flags someone in a circle if they are missing an email or number for text. Real Scenarios: Babysitter Circle - We are always in need of a great babysitter so every time I meet a new babysitter I add her to my circle so when we need a night out, I just send out a text to my Circle and figure out who is available. Guys Night Circle - We have an ever growing group of friends that get together once a month for Pizza and cigars, sometimes our meetings happen with 2 days notice. "Headed to the Hospital" Circle - Letting everyone know we were in labor and headed to the hospital would have been time consuming and impossible without my Circles. We talked about it and added our closest friends and family weeks ahead of time and continually added people as we thought about it before the big day finally came, and when it did it took seconds to let everyone know what was happening. *** Vine Creative, LLC's app "My Circles" is not connected or affiliated with ***

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