Current Version 1.5
Author Dan Hillman
Price $1.00

Event Planner, Checklist & Countdown is the most complete and user friendly app in comparison with other similar apps out there.

With various Publishing Options, Push Notifications and Bluetooth Synchronisation, this is the most complete Event Planning App for YOU!

Looking for an easy way to plan events and stay organised? Then look no further!

You can easily;

✓ Add/Edit Events with the following information;

➸ Title

➸ Category

● Select from a list or Add your own

➸ Date

➸ Time

➸ Photos

● Take a Photo with the camera

● Choose a Photo from your Photos Library

● Choose a Sample Photo from the App Resources

● Delete Photos


➸ Repeat Events (e.g. Birthdays etc)

✓ Add/Edit Budget Information for each Event

✓ Add/Edit Checklist Information for each Event

✓ Add/Edit Guest List for each Event with easy to use sort options

✓ Add/Edit Location Details for each Event

➸ When adding Location Details to an Event, you also have the ability to add a pin of this location to G-Maps. You can easily view this location on the map with the ability to *ROUTE PLAN* from your current location!

✓ View Countdown to Nearest Upcoming Event

✓ Publish Events and Share with Friends by;

➸ Facebook

➸ Twitter

➸ Email

✓ View Upcoming and Past Events Easily in a List.

✓ View Checklist Information for Upcoming and Past Events Easily in a List.

✓ Customise Push Notifications with one or more;

➸ Notify On Event

➸ Notify 15 Minutes Before

➸ Notify 30 Minutes Before

➸ Notify 1 Hour Before

➸ Notify 1 Day Before

➸ Notify 1 Week Before

✓ Generate a Table of all Upcoming Events and Send via Email

➸ The ability to choose one or more contacts from your address book when you choose to generate and send emails of your Events.

✓ Passcode Lock the App (prevent your Events being viewed by others.)

✓ Share your Events via BLUETOOTH!

➸ Want to share events with your friend? Or simply synchronise your stored events to your other devices? Then this easy to use feature will do just that!

✓ Send your Feedback and Suggestions Option

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