Author BlueStacks, Inc.
Downloads Count 80,440
License Type Free
Date Added Sep 1, 2012
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
File Size 103.0 MB

BlueStacks App Player for Windows PC is a free software download that allows users to quickly run their favorite Android apps on any Windows PC, tablet or laptop. With BlueStacks, apps can be run full screen providing a unique and new user experience.

Additionally, BlueStacks Cloud Connect is a new Android app that enables any application on an Android device to be accessed and enjoyed on a user’s PC with a simple click and sync. Users can download the free Cloud Connect App from the Android Market and instantly sync their mobile apps to a PC for big-screen enjoyment of their favorite games, news portals and more. With the ability to connect multiple and different types of devices, such as PCs and tablets, Cloud Connect enables users to enjoy up to 35 applications seamlessly across preferred devices.

Note: This is an Alpha version of the software.


  • Does not slow down PC performance
  • Apps available in Windows without a separate boot
  • Runs Android apps on a PC


  • Alpha version features remain limited
  • Works on Vista and 7 only
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