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Description Get ready to rock! Unleash your inner rocker with Magic Guitar, and you’ll be shredding like a legend in no time. Simply hold your phone like a guitar neck, and beams of light help you play the greatest guitar songs your own way. You control the notes, speed, guitar type, pitch and vibrato. Play it once, play it a hundred times, each time is a unique experience that won’t get old. "Climb up the stairway to heaven or down the highway to hell" - Venture Beat "Smule's latest musical brainchild" - TechCrunch PLAY LEGENDARY GUITAR SONGS YOUR WAY Jam on your favorite rock, classical, folk and pop songs with your new guitar – no practice necessary. •Simply touch the lights to play all styles of music, from soulful jams to scorching shred. •Express your creativity and shake your phone to create vibrato, or drag your fingers to bend the pitch. •Choose from different guitar sounds and speeds to make each song your own. Magic Guitar’s songbook includes a huge catalog of legendary artists including: -The Rolling Stones -KISS -Daughtry -Nirvana -Sublime -Bruno Mars -Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers -Goo Goo Dolls -Incubus -Coldplay -Lynard Skynyrd -Evanescence -Styx -Poison -Credence Clearwater Revival -Blue Oyster Cult -Jason Mraz -Santana …and many more! Make sure to come back frequently to get free songs – new free songs added regularly! SHARE YOUR SHREDS WITH THE WORLD Share your best jams on the interactive Smule globe, or through Twitter, Facebook or email. •Hang out on the Smule globe and listen to other Magic Guitarists rocking out. •Share the love – gift your friends any song from within the app to double the fun. SCORE YOUR WAY TO THE TOP Once you’ve mastered your new guitar, get rewarded for playing. •Level up to unlock achievements and badges, earn new songs and make your way to the top of the song leader boards. ---------- Questions? Write, Facebook us ( or find us on Twitter (@smule). Magic Guitar is the latest magical instrument from Smule, makers of Magic Piano, Ocarina, I Am T-Pain, Glee Karaoke and Magic Fiddle. Join the Smule family!