• Brings Windows, Office apps, and IE to an iPad
  • IE supports videos Safari doesn't
  • Free access to Office apps (but not IE)


  • Office Ribbon can be hard to use on a tablet
  • Free accounts can experience lag
  • Cloud storage doesn't automatically sync

At A Glance

OnLive Desktop offers free or inexpensive access to Office apps, IE, and more on a tablet, but it suffers from design and usability flaws.

Manufacturer’s Description

Access a Powerful PC from Anywhere! PC Microsoft® Office with 2GB cloud storage FREE* Full-featured document viewing and editing Instant-action, media-rich Windows® 7 cloud desktop Lightning-fast Web browsing with Adobe® Flash® Coming soon to Android™, PC, Mac®, monitors/TVs Get the free app for your iPad® here:

Manufacturer’s Website

OnLive Desktop - Simple PC