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Author Camtech 2000
Price Free
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License Type Free
Date Added Mar 20, 2012
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home
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Description There are times when Windows XP becomes so corrupted it won't run correctly or wont start at all and it seems that the only solution is to format and reinstall losing all data and programs. But doing so isnt always necessary as there is a way to perform a repair install without losing any data. One of the best kept secrets of Windows XP is it's built in repair feature and I have written a step by step manual making it possible for anyone to repair their installation. In previous versions of Windows, correcting an operating system error usually meant formatting and reinstalling, resulting in loss of all your data. Windows XP repair feature won't delete your data, installed programs, personal information, or settings. It just repairs the operating system. The system repair function will remove any updates you have previously installed that are not included on the CD. When finished, you may have to download all of the updates from Microsoft Windows Update, because they are all replaced during repair. It may be necessary to reactivate your Windows XP as well. Why would I want to reinstall Windows XP? 1) Can't start Windows XP in safe mode or start it at all. 2) You have problems caused by a recently installed system update (Windows Update, hot fix, Windows XP service pack, or Microsoft Internet Explorer update). 3) Your problems can't be solved with system restore, or you can't access system restore. 4) You have a Virus or Trojan that has infected critical Windows files.

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