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Description Recommended for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch Third and Fourth Generation. Not for iPhone 3G, Second Generation iPod touches or older. 5 out of 5 Stars Editor's Choice Gold Award Winner - "If you listen to a lot of music on your iDevice, and most of us do, I wouldn't hesitate to download MyTunes." - "...the APP worked great and my music did indeed sound a lot better. It was as if I got myself some expensive head phones for free!" - "Listening to a variety of Rock, New Age, Jazz and Classical improved every track I tried. Bass was firmer, percussion was much sharper, and the position of instruments across the sound stage are more precise." - Listen to your audio come alive! MyTunes enhances all of your music with SRS Labs patented technology that has been used in over 2 billion devices to make your music sound better than you’ve ever heard from your iPhone. All of the technology automatically enables so all you need to do is press play and enjoy! MyTunes includes: *WOW HD – The heart of audio enhancement. Easily switch between tunings for all kinds of listening devices that includes headphones, speakers, car audio, and the internal device speakers. *Normalize – Never have to adjust the volume again. This tech puts all of your music to the same level when you play it. *EQ – Gain access to a 3-band and a 10 band EQ. For simplicity you can just choose a preset and we’ll take care of the rest. *Driving Mode – Interface optimized for using the media player quickly. *DJ Transitions – Let the player DJ to you and change from one track to the next just like they do in dance clubs. *Player – Have full access to an enhanced player that offers streamlined search, scan, and play controls. *Custom album art – If a song is missing album art we’ll provide art based on the genre. *Seamless integration with the iWOW 3D - MyTunes compliments the iWOW 3D. Run both at the same time to get the ultimate sound possible!! Fans of SRS Labs on Facebook will get extra DJ Transitions for free! WOWHD, Normalize, the EQ, and Driving Mode are free for a limited amount of time each day. You can unlock unlimited access for a fee. The player, DJ transitions, and custom album art are available for unlimited use free of charge!