• Performance is enhanced
  • Interface has improvements
  • Editing tools improved


  • Sometimes unnecessary detail or redundancy
  • WebM and Ogg video formats not supported

At A Glance

Premiere Pro CS6 broadens its lead over other video editing ap­­plications—and its GPU-accelerated performance still smokes anything else that you can buy.

Manufacturer’s Description

Edit professional productions with greater speed and precision in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, the industry-leading cross-platform video editing software that comes with Adobe Encore® CS6 and Adobe Media EncoderTM CS6 software. Redesigned by and for editors, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software combines blazing performance with a sleek, highly intuitive and customizable user interface that lets you work the way you want to. Dynamic timeline trimming, Warp Stabilizer for smoothing uneven footage, Rolling Shutter Repair to correct wobble and skew, the revamped Three-Way Color Corrector effect, expanded multicam support, and a host of other powerful new features and enhancements simplify the editing workflow and help you meet the most challenging production deadlines. Sweeping optimizations make the Mercury Playback Engine faster than ever, allowing you to handle the latest HD and 5K digital cinema formats, while the new GPU-accelerated uninterrupted playback feature lets you edit, trim, or adjust effects and correct color during playback, all in real time.

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