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Description Named one of "5 must-have apps that Apple should have made itself" - The Next Web "For people with more practical driving needs, check out RoadNinja" - The New York Times Gadgetwise Blog Have you ever traveled down the interstate and wanted to know what was coming up at the exits ahead? Road tripping or traveling on the interstate? This is a must-have app for you. RoadNinja has mastered the way: * Detects your location and displays places up to 3 miles of the nearest upcoming exit. * Plan your trip in advance with a directory of every interstate / exit in the U.S. – even 3,000 miles away * Scroll through exits OR search by business name or category to find out what’s ahead. * Tap any business logo to access contact info, read reviews, view their twitter feed (if applicable) and get directions there. * Modify categories displayed at each exit. Choose from 30 options, including Airport, Apparel, Coffee Shop, Nightlife, Sushi and Vegetarian, to name a few. * When you’re not traveling on the interstate, switch to NEAR ME mode to view locations around you. * Add and share favorites, photos, promotions, ratings and reviews on Facebook and check-in on Foursquare. * Tap the Promotions icon to learn about specials and savings around you (within a 10 mile radius).