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Price $2.00
Description Get it today, 50% off during launch! A creative moment happens when your camera is no longer in the way. Pris provides what you need to get the perfect shot and nothing else. Don't hunt for the button; Stay focused on the moment. * Pris is Simple Tap the screen to take a picture, or swipe the histogram to switch into video recording. Another swipe lets you review your photos, then share via Instagramâ„¢ or export them to your photo album. * Pris is Unique When held upright, you can shoot intimate square videos and photos (perfect for sharing). Turn Pris on its side and you can shoot panoramic stills or cinema-ready film in the classic 2.35:1 aspect ratio. You can use it to film the next great masterpiece or add a little drama to your home videos. Whichever way you choose to hold Pris, you'll add a unique perspective to the moment. * Pris is Professional A real-time luminosity histogram means you can fine tune your exposure in camera. Streamlined focus and exposure controls allow greater creative control while shooting. Improved gesture shortcuts means you do more with less button mashing. With Pris, you'll never take your eyes off the moment again. Proudly made in the USA. Please Enjoy.