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Description All aboard? Time to get on Toca Train! Your kids are the train driver in this fun and friendly train simulator. The controls are intuitive and there are no written instructions. Just pull the levers, push the buttons and start exploring the island with your train! FEATURES ✔ Steam train with sounds, smoke, whistle, sparks and speed lever ✔ Load and unload characters and cargo ✔ Change camera angle by swiping and pinching ✔ Delightful scenery with 6 stations ✔ No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to! ✔ Kid-friendly interface! ✔ No third-party advertising ✔ No in-app purchases Toca Train is not a game - it's a toy where you and your kids decide what you want to do. Where do passengers want to get off? At what stop should you unload the crate of pears? Your kids imagination is the only limitation! Just like a toy train set. Toca Train is suitable for kids between 3-7 years old. As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stressful music. Your kids can play with it however they want! If you like Toca Train – try our other digital toys! - Toca Kitchen Monsters (FREE!) - Toca Robot Lab - Toca Hair Salon - Toca Hair Salon - Christmas Gift (FREE!) - Toca Tea Party - Toca Doctor - Toca Doctor Lite (FREE!) - Toca Kitchen - Paint My Wings - Helicopter Taxi - Toca Store - Toca House - Parenting's Birthday Party Playtime ...available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! Find all on ABOUT TOCA BOCA Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.