Current Version Version: 1.0.1
Author Theory IO Corporation
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Description *** LIMITED-TIME INTRODUCTORY OFFER: 70% OFF *** Projectbook lets you type notes in a variety of fonts, create outlines, handwrite, sketch, record audio, and take photos together on any page. It helps you stay on top of your projects and due dates with a flexible to-do manager. And, it automatically connects related notes, web clips, Word docs, PDFs and to-dos throughout your notebook, so you can find anything fast -- even if it's not organized. Projectbook understands the meaning of the words in your notes and documents, so it can gather all your information about any subject with just one tap. It also links key words in your notes to help you jump quickly between related information. And, because Projectbook stores everything safely on your iPad, it's always available instantly wherever you are, even without an Internet connection. No special subscriptions or Wi-Fi hunting required. Now you truly can take it with you. And, find it again, too. Features: Keep everything you need to get things done together in one place • Mix different fonts, photos, sketches, audio, handwriting, and to-do lists together on any page • Create outlines with bullets or checkboxes and rearrange bullets by dragging • Sketch beautifully with realistic pens and many colors • Handwrite notes with a zoom box that shrinks handwriting to fit better on each page • Find text in Word docs, PDFs, and RTFs • Annotate photos without switching apps Get info from the Internet into your notebook • Email documents, notes, and to-dos to your notebook • Clip web pages into your notebook from Safari, Chrome, or Firefox on your desktop computer, and sync with iPad* • Import web pages from Instapaper or Pocket on iPad • Import files from Dropbox® • Email PDF, HTML, or Plain Text versions of your notes to others Find notes and documents quickly, whether they're organized or not • Organize anything by folders, tags, or dates, and search for words and phrases with live search • Gather all your information about any subject with one tap, even without keywords or tags • Jump quickly between related notes by tapping key words Projectbook has linked for you • Projectbook can organize files into folders automatically if you show it once what goes in each folder Manage all your priorities and projects • Email to-dos directly to your notebook, with attachments • Add items instantly to your to-do list while taking notes -- without switching apps • Create sub-lists for any to-do with one tap and manage all the details of entire projects • Organize to-dos in the exact order you prefer, or sort by due date • Set up reminders and repeating to-dos for any item • Attach notes and documents from your notebook, or have Projectbook attach related info automatically • Schedule Projectbook to let you know once it's time to start working on a to-do • Assign to-dos to others, email it to them, and track completion • Use the GTD system, if you'd like Synchronize all your info across all your devices • Sync with Projectbook on other platforms (mobile phone and desktop versions coming this fall) *Projectbook for mobile phones and desktop computers begins arriving this fall.

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