• High brightness, even on battery power
  • High resolution
  • Integrated storage, Android OS, and apps


  • Expensive and heavy for a pico projector
  • Remote and cables for video sources cost extra

At A Glance

The 3M MP220 delivers high-resolution images at high brightness on battery power.

Manufacturer’s Description

Not sure where and when you’ll be presenting? Carry our brightest battery-powered mobile projector with you: the 3M Mobile Projector MP220. No more lugging around a pile of documents‚ sharing your laptop screen or turning your computer monitor so everyone can see. You can easily project information almost anywhere you go‚ instantly! The MP220 even plays videos and photos from an iPad--all with 65 lumens of brightness. Perfect for presenting to small groups.

Manufacturer’s Website

3M MP220 Pico Projector