• Much faster write speed than normal USB 3.0 hard drives
  • Very good price per gigabyte compared to an external SSD


  • Requires AC power
  • More expensive than the typical USB 3.0 drive

At A Glance

If you're looking for a fast, capacious, not-too-expensive direct-attached backup drive, look no further: Buffalo's DriveStation DDR uses 1GB of DDR3 memory to dramatically enhance write performance.

Manufacturer’s Description

DriveStation DDR is a high performance external USB 3.0 hard drive with a large 1 GB cache for accelerated file transfer speeds. It utilizes 1 GB DDR3 RAM cache for significant performance enhancements to outperform standard USB 3.0 hard drives by up to 350 percent. It features attractive, high-gloss chassis that can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Manufacturer’s Website

Buffalo DriveStation DDR

The Specs

Drives included 1.0
Raid type none
Ports and Connections
Available Interfaces USB 3.0


USB 3.0 Performance - PCWorld
Write 10GB Folder 140.8   MB per second
Read 10GB Folder 210.8   MB per second
Write 10GB File 201.8   MB per second
Read 10GB File 248.9   MB per second