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Price $5.00
Description Introducing the Bride Guide: a wedding planner with everything you need to plan a successful and stress-free wedding. Designed by a wedding planner, the Bride Guide includes everything you need to plan a wedding and information to help you navigate the wedding industry!

You can now keep track of everything you need to do to plan your wedding. The Bride Guide comes with a preset to do list that you can edit, add, and delete. Don’t know the difference between Letterpress and Thermography printing? Or need help finding flowers in season? The Bride Guide provides you with information on each facet of your wedding and questions to ask your vendors.

- A countdown to your wedding date
- A complete (185) pre-populated to-do list items based on your wedding date
- The ability to add items to your to-do list
- Contact view that allows you to view and add wedding vendors
- A recommended budget based on industry standards
-A budget calculator that let’s you keep track of and add payments as you go
-A wedding planner that explains each facet of planning a wedding
-Topics include: Getting Started, Ceremony, Reception, Bride, Groom, Stationery, Flowers, Music, Photography & Videography, Wedding Party, Cake & Favors, Transportation, Honeymoon, Registry, Guests, Other Festivities.

At Ania & Olivia Events, we believe that every bride deserves a wedding planner - even if it fits in your pocket. Let the Bride Guide help you plan the wedding of your dreams!