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More processing and graphic rendering power than ever before in the 9600 Series, and the most complete feature set imaginable make the ALL-IN-WONDER ? 9600 XT the multimedia leader of its class. With the ALL-IN-WONDER? 9600 XT there is more processing power for blistering fast, visually stunning, 3D gameplay. A new video editing software package customized for ATI will expand your productivity. Multimedia features include TV, DVD, FM radio, and the most complete package of audio and video authoring tools ever offered. The intuitive command center for this multimedia extravaganza is at your fingertips with even longer range wireless control. For the demanding user, or for the user who wants to get ahead of the pack, the ALL-IN-WONDER? 9600 XT is the premium multimedia choice.

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Part Number 100714120
Inventory Number 23273