• Text prints looked sharp and well formed


  • Slow text output speed
  • Mediocre color printing

At A Glance

This model's performance and print quality didn't impress us. It has good paper-handling features, though.

Manufacturer’s Website

The Specs

Part Number 5250218-400
Operating System Compatibility
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows XP


PCWorld Test Center (Quality)
Print quality: Text Very Good
Print quality: Color photo Fair
Print quality: Grayscale photo Very Good
PCWorld Test Center (Speed)
Print speed: Text 3.0   ppm
Output Score, Color Photo, Best Quality Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Color-Best) Fair
Output Score, Color Graphics, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Color-Default) Fair
One-Page Grayscale Graphic (secs) 29.09
Two-Page Excel Document (secs) 48.99
Line Art Output Quality Very Good
Tested Color Speed (ppm) 2.4
Color Photo (secs) 28.7
Color Output Quality Fair
Ten-Page Word Document (secs) 202.28
Output Score, Line Art, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-LineArt-Default) Very Good
Color Photo, Normal Settings 28.7
Output Score, Grayscale Graphics, Best Quality Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Grayscale-Best) Very Good
Tested Photo Speed (formerly pf-PCWPhotoSpeed) 0.0
Three-Page PowerPoint Document (secs) 75.22
Three-Page Word Document (secs) 66.36
Output Score, Text, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Text-Default) Very Good