• Dual paper trays, built-in duplexer
  • Produces dark text with crisp edges


  • Lacks faxing and an ADF
  • No film-scanning

At A Glance

Dual paper trays, a built-in duplexer, and strong text and photos make the MP500 good value even without fax capability.

Manufacturer’s Description

With the versatile PIXMA MP500 Photo Multifunction Printer on your desktop, you'll ask yourself how you ever got along without it. This amazing machine delivers an impressive resolution of up to 9600 x 2400 color dpi, for remarkable detail and clarity.

Manufacturer’s Website

The Specs

Part Number 0579B002
General Information
UPC Code 829160902418
Storage Media
Memory stick
  • Memory Stick
  • Memory Stick PRO
  • Memory Stick PRO Duo
SD card SD Card


PCWorld Test Center (Quality)
Print quality: Text Very Good
Print quality: Color photo Superior
Copy quality Very good
PCWorld Test Center (Speed)
Print speed: Text 6.4   ppm
Final Scan Time, One-Page Word Document, 300 dpi 10.72
Two-Page Excel Document (secs) 42.55
Final Scan Time, 4-by-5-Inch Document, 100 dpi 9.09
Output Score, Color Graphics, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Color-Default) Good
Ten-Page Word Document (secs) 94.04
Output Score, Text, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Text-Default) Very Good
Preview Scan, One-Page Word Document, 300 dpi 7.08
Total Scan Time, Line Art, Maximum Resolution (formerly pf-MFPs-LAmax1-Average) 82.68
Tested Photo Speed (formerly pf-PCWPhotoSpeed) 1.1
Preview Scan, Line Art, Maximum Resolution (formerly pf-MFPs-pvLAmax1-Average) 6.93
Three-Page Word Document (secs) 48.79
Preview Scan, 2-by-2-Inch Document, 600 dpi 6.71
Color Photo, Normal Settings 18.63
Preview Scan, 4-by-5-Inch Document, 100 dpi 6.74
Color Photo, Best Quality Settings 56.59
Tested Color Speed (ppm) 2.4
Line Art Output Quality Good
5 x 7 Photo (secs) 56.59
Total Scan Time, 2-by-2-Inch Document, Maximum Resolution (formerly pf-MFPs-2x2maxmax-Average) 51.28
Color Output Quality Good
Final Scan Time, 2-by-2-Inch Document, 600 dpi 17.84
Three-Page PowerPoint Document (secs) 86.01
Output Score, Color Photo, Best Quality Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Color-Best) Superior
Output Score, Line Art, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-LineArt-Default) Good
One-Page Copy (secs) 13.9
Color Photo (secs) 18.63
One-Page Grayscale Graphic (secs) 20.01
Preview Scan, 2-by-2-Inch Document, Maximum Resolution (formerly pf-MFPs-pv2x2maxmax-Average) 6.62
Tested Glossy Photo Speed (ppm) 1.1