• Big 3.5-inch color LCD display
  • Two-sided printing


  • Bronze skin tones in photo-paper prints
  • Average text quality and output speeds

At A Glance

The iP6700D boasts a big color LCD, two-sided printing, and nice photo output, but text quality and speed were average.

Manufacturer’s Description

This versatile machine is a photo-printing powerhouse. Its patented print head technology and six ink tanks produce beautiful, long-lasting prints with startling color and detail. The extra-large 3.5 color LCD viewer lets you enhance images before printing, and advanced paper handling increases your productivity. Plus, you can print from your computer, compatible memory cards, cameras, even camera phones!

Manufacturer’s Website

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The Specs

Part Number 1441B002
Operating System Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows XP
General Information
UPC Code 5023821181302
Storage Media
SD card SD Card
Memory stick Memory Stick


PCWorld Test Center (Quality)
Print quality: Text Fair
Print quality: Color photo Superior
Print quality: Grayscale photo Good
PCWorld Test Center (Speed)
Print speed: Text 4.2   ppm
Output Score, Color Photo, Best Quality Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Color-Best) Very Good
Output Score, Color Graphics, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Color-Default) Fair
Two-Page Excel Document (secs) 66.14
Sports Action Shot (secs) 33.61
Line Art Output Quality Fair
4 by 6 Grayscale Photo (secs) 24.07
Tested Color Speed (ppm) 2.0
One-Page Webpage (secs) 33.07
Tested Lineart Speed (ppm) 3.0
Color Output Quality Good
Ten-Page Word Document (secs) 184.56
Output Score, Line Art, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-LineArt-Default) Good
Output Score, Grayscale Graphics, Best Quality Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Grayscale-Best) Good
Tested Photo Speed (formerly pf-PCWPhotoSpeed) 1.3
300dpi Line Art Image (secs) 20.0
Tested Grayscale Speed (ppm) 2.5
Three-Page Word Document (secs) 58.14
Tested Glossy Photo Speed (ppm) 1.8
Output Score, Text, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Text-Default) Good
4 by 6 Color Photo (secs) 20.73

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