• Very low price
  • High-quality text and graphics prints


  • Networking option costs $119
  • One paper tray, no upgrade options

At A Glance

This is the lowest-cost color laser to date, yet it offers better print quality than models costing several times more.

Manufacturer’s Description

The magicolor 2500W combines the convenience, independence and security benefits of a personal printer with the performance, quality and cost savings of color laser printing. This color laser printer is ready to print crisp business documents quickly, when and where you need them. Using and installing a magicolor 2500W is very straight forward.If you want a simple to operate personal color laser printer that will help your documents stand out from the crowd - look no further than the magicolor 2500W. The magicolor 2500W makes high-quality 2400 x 600 dpi-class prints with Enhanced Automatic Image Density Control (eAIDC) and Automatic ICC-based color matching. With a duty cycle of 35,000 pages per month, your magicolor 2500W color laser printer will be more than capable of handling your printing requirements during even the busiest of months. It easily connects to your system via its USB 2.0 port, making it compatible with Windows Server 2003, XP, 2000, Me, and 98SE operating systems.

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The Specs

Part Number A00V011
Operating System Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows XP
General Information
UPC Code 13803067248


PCWorld Test Center (Quality)
Print quality: Text Very Good
Print quality: Color photo Good
Print quality: Grayscale photo Good
PCWorld Test Center (Speed)
Print speed: Text 19.4   ppm
Output Score, Color Photo, Best Quality Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Color-Best) Good
Output Score, Color Graphics, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Color-Default) Good
Two-Page Excel Document (secs) 35.96
Sports Action Shot (secs) 34.17
Line Art Output Quality Good
4 by 6 Grayscale Photo (secs) 24.38
Tested Color Speed (ppm) 2.8
One-Page Webpage (secs) 22.49
Tested Lineart Speed (ppm) 4.6
Color Output Quality Good
Ten-Page Word Document (secs) 40.13
Output Score, Line Art, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-LineArt-Default) Good
Output Score, Grayscale Graphics, Best Quality Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Grayscale-Best) Good
Tested Photo Speed (formerly pf-PCWPhotoSpeed) 1.8
300dpi Line Art Image (secs) 13.04
Tested Grayscale Speed (ppm) 2.5
Three-Page Word Document (secs) 37.83
Tested Glossy Photo Speed (ppm) 1.8
Output Score, Text, Default Settings (formerly pf-Output-Print-Text-Default) Very Good
4 by 6 Color Photo (secs) 25.84