• USB and FireWire 400/800
  • Excellent performance


  • No software

At A Glance

The SureFire 500GB has neither bundled software nor a snazzy design, but it's a great performer when used with FireWire 800.

Manufacturer’s Description

Verbatim's SureFire portable hard drive offers blazing performance in a pocket-sized drive. Made from super durable aluminum, it's lightweight but gives you heavyweight, rugged protection for traveling. This hard drive also comes with a sleek carrying case and all the cables you need to get started. With a fast USB and an even faster FireWire 800 connection, data transfers at break-neck speed. The SureFire hard drive may be small, but offers big storage - choose from capacities of 250GB, 320GB or 500GB. It's also formatted for Macs and ready to use with Time Machine. With Verbatim's SureFire portable hard drive, you get dazzling speed, sleek design and tough dependability in a pocket-sized drive.

The Specs

Part Number 96976
Drives included 1.0
Drive size 500.0 GB
Hard Drive Speed 5400.0 RPM
Ports and Connections
Firewire FireWire 800
Available Interfaces
  • FireWire 800
  • USB 2.0
USB 2.0 Yes
Warranty information 3 Years
Warranty information 3 Years
Installation Kit Hardware USB 2.0 cable, USB power cable, FireWire 800 - 400 cable, FireWire 800 - 800 cable, Protective carrying case

Warranty Information

3 Years


PC World Test Center
Interface tested FireWire 800
External Performance, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
Copy Files Read, 3.68 GB 60.1   seconds
Copy Files & Folders Write, 3.68 GB 91.6   seconds
Copy Large File Read, 3.68 GB 48.2   seconds
Copy Large File Write, 3.68 GB 73.6   seconds
Install 3.1 42.4   seconds
Uninstall 3.1 54.8   seconds
Malware Scan 381.9   seconds
System Power, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
Copy Files & Folders Read, 3.68 GB 90.6   watts
Copy Files & Folders Write, 3.68 GB 87.5   watts
Copy Large File Read, 3.68 GB 90.9   watts
Copy Large File Write, 3.68 GB 87.8   watts
Install 3.1 91.4   watts
Uninstall 3.1 88.7   watts
Malware Scan 104.2   watts
System Idle State 85.4   watts
System Sleep State 85.3   watts
System Work State 96.8   watts
External Write - Large File 54.3
Test Version 2.0
External Read - Files and Folders 78.2
External Read - Large File 51.1
Primary Volume - Windows File Search 109.9
Primary Volume - Virus Scan 148.0
External Write - Files and Folders 89.1