• Lots of room
  • Automatic operation


  • Software is slow on some computers
  • Pricey

At A Glance

Hardware-software combo provides hands-off backup and requires minimal setup.

Manufacturer’s Description

HD1035 offers incremental backup; upon first connection it will automatically find all of the user data files and copy them to the hard drive. Each time after that, it will only back up the new files or the ones that have changed. While the software's default settings will probably be sufficient for most users, it is user-modifiable, providing full control over the backup settings. Even after the settings have been changed, the backup will still run without any user interaction. Backs up data from up to multiple computers. Easily restore your lost files back to your computer. Transfer your files to a new computer. Share photos, music and videos with friends!

Manufacturer’s Website

The Specs

Part Number HD1035
Drive size 1000.0 GB