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At A Glance

If you want a speedy, reasonably-priced drive, this is a nicely designed choice.

Manufacturer’s Description

With a true eSATA interface for the fastest speeds available, the Iomega Desktop Hard Drive 500GB eSATA/USB 2.0 offers a powerful, high-performance storage solution. It is the most advanced, speed-driven desktop storage solution available for those who work with professional-quality video applications or small server and network environments.

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The Specs

Part Number 33180
Inventory Number 25816
Drive size 500.0 GB
Hard Drive Speed 7200.0 RPM
Included Software
Included Software EMC Retrospect Express
Buffer Size 8.0 MB
Installation Kit Hardware
  • USB cable
  • eSATA cable
  • eSATA PCI card
  • power cable
Ports and Connections
Available Interfaces
  • External SATA-150
  • USB 2.0
Serial ATA External SATA-150
USB 2.0 Yes


PC World Test Center
Interface tested External SATA-300
Primary Volume - Virus Scan 141.25
External Read - Files and Folders 71.54
External Read - Large File 42.33
Primary Volume - Windows File Search 101.1
External Write - Files and Folders 95.14
External Write - Large File 42.76
Test Version 2.0