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Price $1.00
Description Wedding date getting closer and closer? Have you started working on your vows yet?
Wouldn't you love to have a catalog of sample wedding vows on your mobile phone?

In this app, we have bundled several wedding vows for your perusal. Explore them through our categorization or search using keywords. When you find a vow that you like, add it to your shortlist of "Favorites". Select a vow from your shortlist and edit it to suit your needs. The "My Vows" section will keep track of all the vows that you have edited and customized. You can also create your own vow here.

This is the first application of its kind on the App Store. We are launching it at a very low introductory price. Don't wait! Grab it early!

And hey! We would like to wish you all the happiness and love for your married life.