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Price Free
Description Aardvark is Social Q&A: Get a live answer to any question from someone in your social network!
"You'll find it indispensable for answering those questions that only your fellow humans can answer.", 50 best websites 2009.

→ Ask your question in plain English, like you would to a friend.
→ Aardvark discovers someone who's online now and can give you an answer right away.
→ Answers from people you trust: your friends (and their friends), classmates and coworkers.
→ Connect to people in your network by answering their questions -- just tell Aardvark what topics you'd like to help friends with!

Aardvark is a 3.0-only application (it uses PUSH notifications).

✓ Neighborhood places - "What fun bars downtown have outdoor seating?"
✓ Travel tips - "I'm going to Berlin for two weeks; what are some day trips to places that aren't too touristy?"
✓ Entertainment - "Any recommendations for live music (indie rock, world music, whatever!) to check out tonight?"
✓ Gift ideas - "I want to give my friend a great graduation present, but she already got jewelry! Any other suggestions?"
✓ App recommendations - "What's the best strategy game for my iPhone? Something less than $10"
✓ Or anything else!

• Language engine analyzes your question to find key topics
• Automatically detects your location
• Get notified of new answers right away
• Seamlessly connect to Facebook
• Invite friends by email
• Smooth polished interface!

What Others Are Saying

"A new, better way to harness the Net for answers." -- David Pogue, NewYorkTimes

"That's the new revolution that's going on, a new type of search engine that effectively indexes the knowledge of those you know." -- Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineLand

"I've spoken with a handful of people who have been using the product for the last month or more; every one of them is wildly enthusiastic about it." -- Michael Arrington, TechCrunch

"My spidey senses go off about once every year or two. They are off the chart on this company." -- John Battelle