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Description Visit our new website at!!! First off, don't drink and drive. The Federal Government wants you to hear this message, so they hand out grants to your state gov't to put on DUI checkpoints in order to do this. So, if you want to know when there will be a DUI checkpoint, then download Buzzed! Compatible with iOS 4.1 and up. Buzzed is the application for the iPhone and iTouch that will provide you with detailed information regarding if, when and where a DUI checkpoint will be in your area. Using your apple device's GPS system Buzzed will automatically access our constantly-updated server and report whether or not a DUI checkpoint is currently or planned to be operated within a 100-mile radius of your current location. Should there be a checkpoint within your area, the specific location or general area of the checkpoint will be marked with a blue Police shield. You may then click on the blue shield to not only zoom in on the Google Map, but to also read other detailed information regarding the checkpoint such as the checkpoint date, time, and which police force will be operating the checkpoint. Another function that Buzzed can perform is our “Call a Cab” service. Again, using the GPS system within the device, Buzzed will automatically provide you with a list of available taxi services that are in your area. There is no need to close the application to dial the cab, just simply select the cab company you wish to hire and the application will automatically dial the cab.
We are currently building an upgrade that will send you a pop up notification when you enter within a 10 mile radius of a proposed checkpoint, to remind you to plan ahead and assign a designated driver or call a cab instead of driving drunk!